Xanadu- Events for all the Senses

Xanadu- Events for all the Senses

Xanadu events venue is one of the biggest, most splendid, and advanced events halls in Israel today. Established more than five years ago in the center of Israel, Xanadu specializes in planning and producing themed events of all kinds, and our purpose is to give all our clients an inclusive, pampering service package, providing a perfect solution for private and business events.

Xanadu’s staff specializes in creating events which bestow a multi-sensory experience of design, tastes, and service – amazing, classic weddings; moving britot; Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, business events, etc.
The 21st century venue is based on investment in state-of-the-art design and technology, combined with creative thinking and path-breaking architectural design. One glance at the architecturally magnificent building creates a feeling of tremendous promise, realized in a spectactular entrance leading to a breathtaking space designed in glass, metal, and concrete to an exceptional level of finish.
Whether for a private event, or a giant event for 1,000 guests, Xanadu’s refreshing and innovative attitude enables us to meet the customer’s wishes perfectly. In every event, big or small, the best brains in Israel in the worlds of design, production, catering, sound, etc. will do everything to make the event each customer has dreamed of come true.

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